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Friday, 31 July 2020

My Testimony of Jesus Christ and A Great Question Asked and Answered

I posted my own personal Testimony of being born again in Jesus Christ and I was asked a great question by a visitor to this Blog and the question was...

Michael Keenan, 
What exactly did you see that was different than what you thought? I really want to know what your experience brought to light. 
Aiko Fisher.

And here is my answer! 

But FIRSTLY here is my original Testimony which I posted to this Blog.

This is my Testimony about coming to the saving knowledge and truth of Jesus Christ. My name is Michael Keenan and my Testimony is TRUE.

I had absolutely no real idea about anything especially Jesus Christ until 3 years ago, back in 2017. I was just sitting outside minding my own business smoking a cigarette thinking about God (And I will admit now that I am thinking about it from my memory of that day, that I was questioning on that particular day the world around me, was there something that I just could not see) and I asked the question in my mind "I want to see this world as it TRULY is" and BOOM I was actually touched by what I can only best describe as the finger of God on the top of my head and the scales actually literally fell from my eyes and I saw this world as it TRULY is and it is the exact opposite of the world most people see. And then I was lead straight to the Gospel of John and I was "Born Again"Jesus Christ really is the Son of God. God really is TRUE. 

I cannot tell you what to believe, but I will say this. If you Seek God in Absolute Truth He will Seek You. And you don't find God with your mind, You Find God With Your Heart. 

Jeremiah 17:10 King James Version (KJV) 

10 I the Lord search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings.

Talk to God and just humbly ask Him/tell Him that you want to know the TRUTH.

Psalm 145:18 King James Version (KJV)

18 The Lord is nigh unto all them that call upon him, to all that call upon him in truth.

After I was saved the Holy Spirit lead me straight to this “Born Again” preacher in Tennessee, Charles Lawson, and his website where you can watch his video's 2 times a week are at so he may also be of a help to you.

John 3:3 King James Version (KJV)

3 Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

* And here is my answer to the Question asked by Aiko Fisher.

Before I was born again I was living the lie, I thought I was such a good person, such a caring person, I remember quite clearly we just had a vote for gay marriage here in Australia and I voted yes and I was liberal minded and I thought and felt with my emotions, I actually lived life thinking with my feelings. I ran a gambling website and at the same time was a problem gambler to the extreme and in my own warped thinking I thought I was actually doing a good thing for people by helping them to win at horse racing by letting them know about how to stay safe with there gambling and how to say NO when they achieved a certain target when I could not even say NO myself. I would mentor people in doing the things which are right and what I told them was right and here is the HYPOCRISY that I could not do those same things myself.

And I could go on all day long about the way that I lived that was completely wrong although I thought I was right. I had NO critical thinking as my mind and my life was a mess and everything I did was a contradiction.

The reason why I thought something was really wrong with the world is a complex thing to explain in an email message, but I am happy to try an explain it over the phone if you want. But simply put my thinking at that time was in new age type ideas and I started questioning myself and my thinking was that this is just an inversion a turning upside down of Christianity. I was a catholic for 18 years of my life and I had read the Bible as a child and although I did not understand it, I knew that there was something very, very wrong with the catholic church and that what they did was not what the Bible said so I had to wait until I was 18 to escape from there and my parents control as they are deeply into the catholic church.

I always believed in God and I always thought about God my whole life not that I ever really knew or went to his Word. The Bible for me at that time was just a book. All I really knew of Jesus Christ was that there was a Cross in the catholic church and the world celebrated his birth at christmas and that is all that I knew.

All my life I thought about God and I never knew him and the only time I ever spoke to God was when I wanted something by trying to make a deal with him for something in return.

My miracle happened to me at age 46 and I was a reprobate and for the 1st time in my life I actually spoke to God wanting to know the TRUTH with nothing in return, I just asked God to allow me to see this world as it TRULY is. Every time I spoke to God the few times that I did my whole life I wanted something from him if he did this for me and I was so lost without even knowing it. That day I knew in my heart there was something I could not see, there was just something not right with the world and I sought God for the 1st time in my life in TRUTH and I asked him for the TRUTH and HE gave me the TRUTH.

At that moment everything changed and I was shown this world as it TRULY is and as the Bible says that satan is the little 'g' god of this world and he is. The devil had me fooled for 46 years and he is absolutely real, our world leaders worship him either knowingly or unknowingly and the system we are in manifests into everything, music, art, movies and I could go on and on all day. I was completely blind to all the lies and the signs and symbols of the enemy are everywhere and its just that most of the world cannot see them. I won't go into all of the bad stuff as the world we live in is evil and its getting worse by the day as the new one world order unfolds before our eyes.

After I had seen this I knew that if the devil is real then so must be God and I was straight into the Bible and the Gospel of John which is written for born again believers for the true church of Jesus Christ. The Light and the darkness and it all just hit me like a brick. To be born again just requires the realization, the true and absolute belief in your Heart that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the precious Lamb of God who has taken away the sin of the world.

The one thing I will never forget was the exact moment that I realized “That I am always wrong and only Almighty God is Always RIGHT”. Then came the repentance for the life I had lived and I saw all the sin I had committed. Jesus Christ set me FREE From my gambling addiction, from my depression, from cigarettes and the list goes on and on and it is all a miracle, a supernatural miracle and although I still have issues in the flesh we are working them out day by day. And all the Glory belongs to God.

There is so much to write and so much to explain and I have tried to keep what I have written as short as possible as I could really write forever about God's Glory.

But in ending I will simply say this. We are saved by Grace through Faith and NOT by works lest any man should boast. Grace is unmerited favor and I am the least deserving of all as I was an utter scumbag and I am still nothing, but I am a child of the the Most High God. A simple child of the Light, the True Light of Our Glorious Lord Jesus Christ.

If you want to know the TRUTH then just Seek God wanting to Know the TRUTH.

People have a choice the free will to either believe the lies of the devil or the TRUTH of God's Word. And God's Word is Truth and it is Life, Life Everlasting.

Here is something I wrote in a comment to someone else a while back and it stands true.

All that most people can hear and believe is the Lies of this world and this has been the case right since the garden of Eden, so the Illuminati so-called don't have to try very hard although they think that they have to. All that has been happening now and over the past decades through the truth movement etc etc, is the love, mercy and grace of Almighty God wanting none to perish and God is making it easier for people day by day to see that something is wrong and this world is a Lie and for us to turn to him to Seek Absolute Truth, because the One and Only Absolute Truth in this entire world is God's Word, the Holy Bible. God's Word. God is the Father and the Word is His Son Jesus Christ and He and the Father are One. God and His Word. There is Nothing Else. Just God and His Word. The whole truth movement and everything else that has happened and is happening is the love, mercy and grace of Almighty God, so that none are truly without excuse. All the Glory in All things Always Belong To Almighty God!


  1. I am just a baby Christian, having been born again. I love thee Lord, and I love you Micheal.Thank you for your tesitomy.Your new friend from London. Mark.

    1. Amen Mark! God bless you brother. And the way things are going I will see you soon!!!

  2. Your testimony sounds much like my own in some ways. I was born again in 2019 and while I was always a truth seeker, it took me 40 years of life to come to know the absolute truth which is Jesus Christ! God bless you and thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts :)

  3. Amen sister and thank you for your comment. God bless and see you soon. Even so come Lord Jesus!


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