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Wednesday, 5 May 2021

The QR Code A Possible Precursor To The Eventual Mark Of The Beast

This article refers to QR CODES as a type of foreshadowing, a type of pre-warning to all of what is to come in the future. One day there will be a Mark of the Beast required by all in order to buy & sell. This is ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN.

Sure I may get called crazy, or labeled a mad conspiracy theorist, but so what, as it certainly is a badge I wear with honor these days. But nevertheless I do need to WARN YOU and those with eyes to see will see.

The QR Code has been in a more prevalent use these days, especially with the emergence of Covid-19.

Here in Australia QR Codes were not that popular at all, until just recently, when they became a preferred option for tracking people under the pretext by the government of keeping people safe from Covid.

And there are some very interesting characteristics which may be of interest to you about the QR Code itself.

And YES a QR Code is classed as a barcode, as it is described even by Wikipedia which is owned and controlled by the powers that be as, "A type of matrix barcode." See this link for confirmation:

Let's start with the word BARCODE itself which has two parts the word "BAR" which can mean according to the Websters Dictionary 1828, "A perpetual bar which overthrows the action of the plaintiff forever."

The word "CODE" according to the same 1828 edition of Websters Dictionary, can mean, "A collection of Roman laws."

Those who know their Bible will absolutely know the significance of ROME, as Rome is Babylon, as stated by the Bible.

SO the word BARCODE can mean, "No Recourse Under The Law." And this will certainly apply for all who may take in the future, the eventual coming Mark Of The Beast in order to buy and sell, and this mark will be placed according to the Bible, in either the forehead or in the right hand.

You can check this information for yourself using the Websters Dictionary 1828 website at

There is more...

Let's have a closer look at a QR Code itself:

The first thing you should notice is that there are 3 squares and their formation on the QR Code is that of a triangle, "a pyramid." And certainly the present powers that be have a certain fetish for the pyramid, as Egypt in the Bible is a place of slavery and there is so much more you could just write on this subject of Egypt alone, but I won't in this quick article, but I am sure you are starting to get the picture.

Next. You will see 3 squares, an outer square and an inner square. So you have 3 outer squares and 3 inner squares. So you have the number 33. Which is another number which is used very highly again by the powers that be, as it does represent the 1/3rd of the angels which fell from heaven. They can also represent this number as 333 so if you count the white middle square as another number this combination can also be seen.

There is more. The controllers that currently are, but just for the moment like to hide there intentions in plain sight. So you also have the outer square which has 4 sides and there are 3 outer squares on the QR Code in total, so you have the Number 12 and you have 3 inner squares in total black, so if we count these as just the number 3, so we have 3 times 12 which is number 36. The number 36 in Hebrew is the number for "The Adversary" who is the devil and obviously the number 36 could be also expressed as 3 Sixes so you obviously then have the number 666. Or you could even times 3 x 6 which is the number 18 which is the number of bondage in Hebrew, and this number 18 can also be expressed as 666 which added together in total is obviously number 18.

Certainly there will be even more hidden in plain sight with this BARCODE, but I will leave that up to you.

And just as an added extra. I was watching a video yesterday, and it did contain information about Australia, and I myself live in Australia and the gentleman in the video pointed out some very interesting information about our $20 Bill. See the image below.

On the image above you will see a man and inside the man there is a series of numbers, and the numbers are a 2 in the middle of the mans chest and below the number 2 you will see the series of numbers 4, 5, 6 and the numbers 7, 8, 9 underneath.

So the number 789 minus the number 456 will give you the number 333 and if you multiply 333 times the number 2 you will get 666.

In Australia our powers that currently be have always been associated with Freemasonry. The cabal that runs the world and all there different factions all operate under the main overarching umbrella of Freemasonry.

God bless and I hope that this information will be of a help to you. For the BARCODE information all the Glory belongs to God, as he put this information on my heart at 2am this morning, as I am not bright enough to see this information on my own.

And the information about the Australian $20 Note comes from Altiyan Childs and you can watch his video about his experience within Freemasonry and watch his warning to the world at's-Secret-Religion:1

God bless.

Mike Keenan.

And you can use this article and the information within it, in any way you want, as this article is free for everyone to use, edit and do absolutely anything you want with.

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